External program

It’s difficult (nay impossible) when creating a program to include every feature that every user would want. And who would want to wade through the menus of a program which includes every feature request from every person on the planet? (Yes, here I’m assuming that everyone will want at least one copy of Knowsynotes!)

To keep things manageable but still be as useful as possible to as many of the billions of people on the planet as I can, I’ve added the External Program option in version This allows you to right click on a file and send it to an external program to do some other magic that Knowsynotes can’t do.

There are options to include many parts of the file name, the date and time and you can also include a prompt for passwords and other text you don’t want to have stored anywhere.

The example above sends files to a zip program and the argument list includes the filname for constructing the zip name and the full path to the file.

$filepath$filename $request $fullfile

The $request parameter tells Knowsynotes to pop up a little dialog like this

asking for user input which is then sent off the external program.

If the $storetxt variable is used instead of $request, the text will saved in memory and used every time the External Program is run until Knowsynotes is exited. The text is not permanently stored anywhere either way.

Power to the people, er, notes.