Drag and drop, baby!

It’s now possible (as of version to drag and drop text and images from your web browser directly into Knowsynotes. Another way to save what you’ve learned!


If you drag an image from a web browser into the File List, Knowsynotes will create a copy of that image in the open folder. This is great for an important image or one that tells its own story.

If you drag an image into an open note, Knowsynotes will copy the image to an imgs folder beneath the open folder and then paste a link to the image in the note. So, you’ll see something like this

![ img.png ]( imgs\myimg.png)

Click on the View button to view it embedded in the note. This is good for when the image is part of a larger whole and isn’t really useful on its own.

and text!

If you select some text and drag it into the File List, Knowsynote will create a new note with the dragged text as its content.

If you drag selected text into an open note, Knowsynotes will paste the text into the note at the cursor.

Careful about copyrighted material when you use this handy feature. Assume the information or images can only be for your own personal use unless they say otherwise.

and files from explorer!

Drag files from Windows Explorer to copy them into a folder within your notes.

Use Control - Drag to copy files from Knowsynotes into Explorer (or your email program, etc.).

Spiffy, eh?